Don’t Be Afraid to Make Decisions

Five months left to go and The Ron Project will be complete… well almost. There is a little bike ride I need to complete soon after, but that’s easy. 🙂

This road has been tough. Maybe tougher than anything else I ever experienced on an emotional level. There is something about forcing change that can really make you feel like you’re riding a rollar coaster. And, since I am the one making the change happen every bad decision is on me. That can be tough too. It’s not easy making 100 decisions just to realize that you’re making some poor decisions right a long with the good. However, along with everything else this journey has taught me, I have learned that making a bad decision isn’t the end of the world either.

Some times we get caught-up and paralyzed in our decision making process because we are so afraid of making the wrong choice, but I am here to tell you I’ve made many lately and none of them have ruined my life. In some instances they have been blessings. It’s shown me that bad decisions, no matter how big we perceived them to be are only minor blips in our lives. Our lives are an ever changing, fluid thing. We can take a beating and keep moving forward and eventually turn even the bad decisions into blessings.

I think it’s easy to do that when you realize death and destruction aren’t lurking around every corner. One bad decision does not make a ruined life. No matter how you feel currently our lives are designed to withstand even the greatest storm. In many ways, I look back and see all the things I should have done differently. But the rule of life states that an intelligent man learns from his mistakes and I have certainly done that and now I know how to help others in similar circumstances. That’s important to me.

I’ve also learned that life is easier when you don’t believe every decision you have to make is vital to your prosperity. It takes a lot of pressure off. Sure there are certain issues like choosing to drink and drive that could change your life and ruin it, but I am not talking about the decisions in your life that should be easy to make. I’m talking more about decisions we make to go after our dreams. It’s so very important to remember that our lives were meant to be happy. The world will conspire to make us happy if we honestly chase our passions. And in some cases our passions are a learning experience too. I always wanted to write basketball and football stories for a newspaper. After reaching that goal I soon remembered that was only a back-up plan for my true passion which was writing screenplays and directing movies.

My point is, sometimes it takes work and being honest with yourself to keep on the right road and find your true passion and dreams. Don’t forget that life is most certainly what you make it.


About theronproject

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Gandhi That's hard to argue with. Gandhi's words are my mission. I want the people of the world to wake up and follow their dreams, so what better place to start than right here? I will be the change I want to see and I will follow my dreams. Welcome to "The Ron Project" Follow me on my one year journey to take my life back. Ron

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